The Nerd Christmas One-Shot Campaign


So, with that all out of the way, you are currently holed up wherever you like in New Normington (though Anish’s bunker seems clear of crazy people and full of supplies).

Kurt has mentioned wanting to research everything everywhere forever, and has been mentioning this since before the world ended. Since there is time now, he will undoubtedly break his glasses just as everyone else in the world dies. He is also looking into rapid-hair-growth research.

Gary has been meaning to take up Tai Chi. And has also been seemingly wanting to pursue a different kind of research from Kurt. Oh, and there is that whole “trying to find his wife and daughter” thing.

Rich probably wants to become King of Pastatown or something. He is also going to do whatever it takes to track down the truck with his 15-year-late Kevlar vest shipment on it. Hopefully he does not want to walk to the Philippines yet, that would totally ruin playing by post.

Lucas and Jake are totally psyched about retiring. In-game, not necessarily out-of-game.

Everybody else, well, they may have things they want to do, but I am not going to pester them. Yet.


(As an aside, I will “put off” going to the Philippines as long as necessary for story continuity, under the auspices of wanting to leave things better wherever I go onj the way)

I will indeed see if the gun shop still exists and if they have my armor :)

Also ifany of the various pawn shops still exist and if they will honor our credit.
Also looking for any cultists that may still be around.
Also see my post in the IN GAME forum for other things I intend to undertake. I am also willing to help anyone with their goals if I can.
Also looking to see if there is anything about the current local socio-political climate I can improve (IE: boss monster to defeat and end their rule of oppression)

igoritzelf Quarex

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