The Nerd Christmas One-Shot Campaign

The Further Adventures

December 11-18 – Exploration of New Normington, splitting up for sanity purposes.

December 19 – Rich starts constructing new motorcycle, Jake discovers ruins of Rich’s house, Kurt explores Champaign/Urbana, Gary uses a microscope and is horrified. Looting of Rich’s vault, Gary’s overlooked room. Kurt explores Champaign/Urbana again, with the thermograph and Geiger counter. Jake kidnaps a raccoon and Rich roofies it.

December 20 – Raccoon torture. Visiting Old Bloomington-Normal Pit. Exploring remnants and basements and things. Seeing lots of new vegetation. The gang eventually heads to Peoria, and Kurt is first to spot the first actively distressing thing in this area: clouds melting down to the ground and the sky tearing apart to reveal a void before stitching itself back together and the whole process repeating. The gang gives pause and hides out upriver for the night.

December 21 – After being chased by a storm, the fun bunch attempts a stealthy assault at night along the I-74 bridge. Stealthy though it was, a bolt of lightning nearly hits Gary as soon as he haughtily crosses, and a semi-thrilling fight ensued, where the group finally stopped Derek for good, and stopped Gina and Wade and Henna as a side benefit. Good thing that is everyone and everything here to fight! Oh and Kurt totally found a relic.


igoritzelf Quarex

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