The Nerd Christmas One-Shot Campaign

The Previous Adventures

December 22 – During the watch, at around 2 A.M., Rich shows up and shoots Gary, Gary runs and gets shot by Rich, Rich shoots Rich and Kurt takes Rich out and tries to find where Rich came from.

Ultimately Rich kills everyone, from Rich and Rich (Carl and Brandon) to Tom and Kyle and Steve and Michael and Skinless Joe Jackson.

Kurt finds the machine and does not throw up at the sight of all of the charnel horror.

Rich rescues a few captives and starts making a Magic 8-Ball Magic.

Karl continues shooting lightning.

December 23 – Rich finishes making a Magic 8-Ball Magic and asks where the quarter is.

Rich asked about the machine and such, and Tsathoggua came up, and then Gary cleaned the painting. Look at the painting, you guys.

Draw straws to see who gets the long straw and must drink. Drink from the blood rotisserie.


“C’mon, Kyeah, what now?”
“My name is not ‘Kyeah’”
-Rich and Kyle during Kung-Fu duel.

The Previous Adventures
igoritzelf Quarex

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