The Nerd Christmas One-Shot Campaign

The Ventures

December 24 – Day one of blood-burnin’, Kurt exporificates Peoria. Gary and Jake begin walking back with the captives.

December 25 – Day two of blood-burnin’, Dre begins unearthing Ogre’s basement with Shaun, Julia, and Drew, Kurt continues exploring Peoria. Cedric the captive breaks his leg, Jake uses a shovel as a splint, they make it back to town.

December 26 – Day three of blood-burnin’, Jake joins Dre and the gang and finishes unearthing Ogre’s basement.

December 27 – Day four of blood-burnin’, Jake gets shot at (and shot) and digs up a beautiful box in his dad’s backyard. Eventually he opens it. Kurt does not like the results. Unfortunate Raccoon dislikes Jake and Rich.

December 28 – Final day of blood-burnin’, Karl is no more. Jake annihilates the machine and goes a little deaf for a while. The group basically comes back together in town via the teleporter. Rich builds a stone lid over the evil swimming pool.

December 29 – Everybody wrangles up some folks (and some people) to hear the tale of the Peoria killin’. There is a general consensus that the story was impressive, and perhaps something might come of all this nonsense. The party explored Lincoln, moved on to Mason City, found it was Styxified, crossed with some out-of-game cheating, discovered some orcs, ended some orcs, found a meazel, ended a meazel, Dave Arnesonized.

December 30 – And then they drove acroth the countrythide, bravely getting drunk with dwarveth and thlaying wolveth along the way.

December 31 – They were attacked by ash goblinth and trollth and ash goblinth ath they rethted, and thaw the shimmering thpireth of Minnethota, Dave Arnethon’th thtronghold. After a thurprithingly thafe thtroll through the thity, the party reached the spire and entered through the back door. Surprisingly, their conversation with Arneson (after several secret doors) went astoundingly well, and they ended up convincing him that he could be the righteous one now that Gary was not around to bully him anymore. So he freed Jessie and Eugie from his mind control and started the long process of creating an economy amongst his monsters and soon-to-be-former monsters.


January 1 – So many things in the Tomb of Horrors. After carefully navigating the Tomb of Horrors again, the gang unlocked the secrets of the satellite, observed a terrifyingly large black chevron covering the planet, released 75 other gamers from suspended animation, helped split them up into several appropriate groups per their interests and where they could be teleported to, and then decided to go back to Blackmoor and see how commerce was going.

January 2 – After camping, the group finishes the epic journey back to Mason City West, negotiates with Charon for one pass for an excellently boring videotape of important talking, and Eve sacrifices her computer use for the good of all.

January 3-8 – Jake reads The Vigor Book from Dave Arnethon’s secret stash. Meanwhile, Kurt flew at an increasing rate of speed around the entirety of the state (and part of Wisconsin) within the border of the River Styx, picking up more than a dozen EMP-shielded parts for HAM radios in the process, enabling Rich’s evil goals and disabling Gary’s hopes and dreams. Jake is also “talkety-helpful.”


igoritzelf Quarex

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